7 Day Rum Cruise Itinerary

a delightful rum-themed journey through the Eastern Caribbean

The Rum Cruise Itinerary

There’s simply no better way to visit all these distilleries, rum shop and tasting rooms throughout the Eastern Caribbean than this well-planned rum cruise itinerary.

Departing from Fort Lauderdale our luxury cruise ship’s Rum Cruise Itinerary includes Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados and Antigua.

It’s so easy to get on and off at each port, no waiting in line at customs, no hassles with passports, no duty to pay on our precious rum cargo. Collect as many bottles of rum as you want — it will be safely stored away for you on the ship until our final arrival in Ft. Lauderdale.

11 Days – Ft. Lauderdale to Ft. Lauderdale

Departing on Monday, November 19
Returning on Friday, November 30

(click on the pins on the map to see distilleries)

Saint George’s, Grenada

River Antoine, Westerhall, Clarke’s Court distilleries

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Destileria Serralles

Castries, Saint Lucia

St. Lucia Distillers

Basseterre, St Kitts

Brinley’s Gold Rum Distillery

Bridgetown, Barbados

Mount Gay, St. Nicholas Abbey, West Indies Distilleries

St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

English Harbour Antigua Distillery

Mon 19Fort Lauderdale, Florida4:00 PM
Tue 20At Sea
Wed 21At Sea
Thu 22Ponce, Puerto Rico8:00 AM5:00 PM
Fri 23Basseterre, St Kitts8:00 AM5:00 PM
Sat 24Castries, Saint Lucia8:00 AM5:00 PM
Sun 25Saint George’s, Grenada8:00 AM5:00 PM
Mon 26Bridgetown, Barbados7:00 AM4:00pm
Tue 27St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda9:00 AM5:00 PM
Wed 28At Sea
Thu 29At Sea
Fri 30Ft. Lauderdale

Thursday November 22, 2018 is Thanksgiving Day

Rum Cruise