Rum Cruise - The Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise

An Exclusive Rum Cruise Adventure Aboard a Luxurious Modern Cruiseship


The Rum Cruise for Serious Rum Enthusiasts and Collectors

Explore, discern and savor rum in its natural environment on the Rum Cruise.

11 Days – Ft. Lauderdale to Ft. Lauderdale

Departing on Monday, November 19 • Returning on Friday, November 30

Rum Cruise

The Ultimate Rum Cruise
Rum Cruise - Pot Still
Rum Cruise - the luxury cruise ship

Enjoy an Exclusive Rum Cruise Adventure Aboard a Luxurious Modern Cruise Ship Visiting Distilleries with VIP Land Tours


Sign up for the Ultimate Rum Adventure — Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise in the Eastern Caribbean. If you love the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, you’ve love the Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise.


Explore The Distilleries


Experience a week of delicious adventures through the Eastern Caribbean islands, discovering the birthplaces of great rums, savoring the best rums of the region with rum seminars, tasting events, rum shopping, excursions to rum distilleries and visitor centers.


Rum cruisers will meet rum experts from around the world, find great rum bargains on each island and revel with fellow rum enthusiasts.


Enjoy The Ship


Experience pure relaxation and incredible views along the way. The ship is delightful. The rum tours are intriguing. Searching for collectible rum bottles along the way, enjoying the company of fellow rum enthusiasts. There is no other vacation opportunity quite like the Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise.


Apply To Join


If you’re the type that truly loves to explore the Eastern Caribbean islands — where rum was born hundreds of years ago, and perfected over the centuries. Do you want to collect rums that aren’t easily found at the average liquor store? This is your chance to find fascinating rums at their source, as well as rum shops that have products not found back home. Do you want to meet the people that make great rum — the masters of distillation and blending fine aged rums?

If this sounds like your kind of wonderful, visit the Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise application page and get started on the adventure of a lifetime.